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My Story

jules vandermaat

Hi, I’m Jules Vandermaat. I am an Evidence Based EFT Practitioner & Trainer, a Social Worker, and trauma therapist with 30 years of combined experience.

I first discovered EFT whilst working as a Sexual Assault Counsellor, and found it to be incredibly helpful to my clients. Prior to finding EFT, this was a hard job. Nobody wanted to talk about what had happened to them, as it made them feel really anxious to talk about “it”, and they felt so uncomfortable in their bodies.

Many had felt re-traumatised by having to tell their story over and over to various health professionals, in the hope of gaining some relief. Some found themselves feeling worse from going over the trauma story again, with no real benefit gained from therapies offered.

With EFT I found a safe, gentle, fast and effective way to work with my clients, so that they felt in control of the process. They were relieved to find they did not even have to say what had happened to them in order for the techniques to work.

Using the “gentle techniques” of EFT, we were able to process traumatic memories in a slow, and controlled way. People then felt calm and safe in their bodies whilst recalling the memory or talking about their experiences.

After practicing EFT, my clients often slept better, after years of having problems with sleep. Nightmares and flashbacks ceased or dramatically reduced, and their hyper-vigilance left them. Their stomachs settled as their anxiety subsided.

Most of them re-joined the world as more productive people. Many went back to work or study, some ended toxic relationships, others started new relationships with healthier individuals. Those who were parents reported improved relationships with their children.

Best of all, many of my clients learned to do EFT/tapping for themselves, so they knew how to manage if they felt anxious or overwhelmed in the future. That is real empowerment, when you are not relying on a therapist to feel better.

It was fascinating and heart warming to watch the positive changes in my clients. Finally, a way to really help people recover from trauma. I became obsessed with learning about EFT, and I have never looked back.

tapping with jules

I found that using EFT with my sexual assault clients, we were able to shift HEAVY emotions which had been held in their bodies, sometimes for decades! Anger, guilt, self-blame and shame, are all emotional states which I had found difficult to access using talk therapy alone. Once the trauma was cleared from the body using EFT, people then felt able to let go of these negative emotions.

EFT seemed to work for people who had tried everything else. Many had been lost in a world of other therapies for years. It’s hard to meditate when you’re highly anxious and your mind is too active!

The lovely thing about EFT, which the research has demonstrated and I have seen first hand, is that the results are LASTING. You don’t have to keep tapping on the same traumas over and over, or on every single one. You just need to do a good thorough job of tapping on the most significant or intense traumas. This requires the help of an experienced and qualified practitioner for best results.

My mission is to create a sense of Safety, Trust and Rapport with my clients, as I know that no healing can occur without these basic ingredients.


EFT Business Spotlight. Get to know Jules: Youtube Video

I recently had some EFT sessions with Jules with amazing results. I had heard of EFT before and wanted to try it to get some clarity and unblock some repetitive thoughts I had. I loved how Jules wrote all of the negative thoughts that were affecting me, on the big white board. We worked on them in a guided tapping session and afterwards I felt a lot of relief, I felt so much clearer. I have now introduced tapping into my daily routine.
— callum clifford

my services

I provide an ideal balance of skilled delivery of EFT techniques, combined with 30 years of experience as a therapist, which can really help a person to feel safe and held in the process of working with trauma.


Individual EFT/Tapping session

Individual EFT sessions for children, teenagers, adults, couples. Please note: I do not see children without first having a session with parents, and I like to involve parents in the work, as much as possible, in a way that is appropriate for the child’s age. Teenagers may be seen individually, more like young adults.

If you are a Coffs Harbour local, you will be coming to see me in my beautiful home office space surrounded by trees & coastal bliss. If you are located elsewhere, I will be holding space for you from my office over a Zoom Call, or use another online way of connecting .

If you are having a session on Zoom, I highly recommend going to a safe, quiet place at home where you will not be interrupted.

 Practitioner Training – Evidence Based EFT and EBEFT-T.

Evidence Based EFT training is for health and education professionals. It is a 3 day training. The next training Jules is offering will be in Victoria, with trainings being offered in September in Bendigo and Melbourne. Her next training in Coffs Harbour will be in March 2020.

Matrix Re-Imprinting.

An advanced form of EFT, not usually done in the first couple of EFT sessions. A very gentle way to work with trauma. Please ask me more if you are interested to learn about the Matrix Re-imprinting work.

 Groups – EFT for Me.

One day workshops where you will learn the basics of EFT so you can reduce your own stress and anxiety, or shift any negative thoughts you are dealing with. Helping you tap into a sense of calm. More information to come.

 Tapping Circles

For practitioners wanting practice and for individuals wanting to tap regularly, and to meet like-minded individuals. To build a sense of an EFT community in our local area. Dates to be advised.

Monthly Manifesting groups

EFT is fabulous for helping you to identify and release the blocks to creating the life you really desire. Jules will be running monthly groups for people wanting to learn how to use EFT to help manifest the life they want for themselves. More information to follow.


 free initial 15 minute phone consult

Let’s see if I am the right practitioner/therapist for you.



I’m only two sessions in, and so far, I feel like I’m getting to live my life for the first time. I am, for once, excited about the prospect of my future and my life, seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, and for that I can’t thank Jules enough!
— Millie
I worked with Jules for 6 sessions over three months and made huge progress in my personal growth. After suffering for years with depression, self doubt and guilt, with every session I felt lighter and lighter and more and more in control of my life. I released my addiction to alcohol and felt empowered to make positive changes to my life. I had amazing results and will continue to visit her at times just to work on issues as they arise. Very happy!
— Nicole D
Without Jules and EFT I cant even imagine what my life would be like right now. Being a mother, educator and a mentor I thought I had a bag of tools and strategies to get me through life’s challenges until I reached a period in my life in which I felt “Stuck”. No matter what I tried I couldn’t understand why I was feeling like I did and why I couldn’t shift through it. A friend mention EFT and I contacted Jules not knowing if it would help but I was open to anything. With in a few minutes into our session I was blown away on how quickly Jules was able to use EFT to get straight to my belief structure which was the root cause of my problem. By the end of the session, it was as if Jules had waved a magic wand! I couldn’t believe how much clarity I had gained, how much lighter I felt and how empowered this one session made me feel with the healing benefits it brought. Thanks to Jules, EFT is now a vital tool in my life.

Thankyou Jules!
— Giselle